I am happy to share that this year we were able to host the KDE booth at the 19th annual Southern California Linux Expo-SCaLE 19X  that took place on July 28-31, 2022 at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport in LA, California.

SCaLE covers visitors from all over the United States and around the world. It is the largest, community-run, open-source, and free software conference in North America.

We collaborated with OpenSUSE, LOPSA and NextCloud with the vision to promote cross community growth and to provide outreach and knowledge regarding our communities. 

Our booth was appreciated for a lot of things but the main attraction was the banner, attendees loved finding the logos of their favorite KDE tools. Our setup consisted of one big screen showcasing a promotional video of KDE, interactive laptops, Plasma Mobile, and lots of Katie and Konqui stickers.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the excitement attendees had seeing us participate; they were willing to know more about our products, and what was going on with the KDE community. People love experimenting on Plasma Desktop and had fun trying out our applications. Plasma Mobile was also a hot topic of discussion and attendees were very eager to know the updates regarding it. Amongst our attendees, we had a lot of college students interested in joining our community and contributing to open source projects in general. 

Attendees of all ages showed a keen interest towards our GCompris Application, with lots of kids enjoying playing educational games. One of the attendees was part of the education administration of a local school district and even expressed some interest in integrating the application as a beta at a few schools.

This was the first time we offered swag at our booth and the Katie and Konqui Stickers were a big hit in attracting attendees to our booth. 

We went into this conference with a specific goal of outreach and spreading the word about KDE and I believe we succeeded quite a bit as we got a chance to work at a grass-roots level and find the next generation of open source contributors who are excited about the future of KDE.

This entire conference would not have been possible without Drew Adams and the entire OpenSuse community who played a huge role in helping us get a foothold at this conference. On behalf of all of KDE we want to thank them and acknowledge all the hard work that was involved to make this event happen.

Hope to see you all at SCaLE 20X next year in March. 

Till then Happy coding.


Write-up for SoK Project – OpenQA Plasma Mobile

KDE Goal: Usability and Productivity proposed by Nate Graham, is one of the three goals selected by KDE. This goal will focus on polishing our basic software so everyone will be delighted to use it. One of important aspect of Usability and Productivity is focus on quality assurance.

In this Season of KDE (SoK) 2018, I am working on “OpenQA Plasma Mobile” project. This project indirectly helps to achieve the goal of Usability and Productivity as it would work to get the higher quality version of the mobile by creating integration testing for it. It would make it easier to test the common operations of the mobile.

In these few weeks with the help of my mentor Bhushan Shah I have implemented the following:

  •  Test of checking wayland session.


  • Test of checking initial phone session.


  • Test of opening dialer application.


The work done can be found at : https://github.com/bdhruve/kde-os-autoinst/tree/openqa-plasma-mobile

In the upcoming weeks, I will add the tests for more features of Plasma Mobile shell as well as other applications in Plasma Mobile.

Hello KDE

Hello everyone, myself Bhavisha Dhruve. I am a graduate in Bachelors of Commerce and Computer Application and pursuing A Levels in Computer Application. Currently i am a part of Google Summer of Code (GSOC) 2016, and the project i am working for is “Devising the Plasma Mobile Emulator” with the help of KDE organization.

Plasma Mobile Emulator will be the solution for developing, testing and accessing plasma mobile system without having to install on real phone.
This project takes in the following:

  • Docker Container with plasma mobile.
  • Different Resolution.
  • Translation of click to touch events.
  • Screenshots and Screen Recording (Future Development).

With the guidance of my mentor Bhushan Shah in these 4 weeks i have been able to create Docker container with kwin_wayland running inside. Currently working on Extending fakeinput interface in kwayland for touch events and the autotests for these added functionalities is in progress and once done it will allow to translate and emulate click events into touch events, as soon as it is done i will update it.

Working with KDE is a gratified experience and a place where everyday i learn something amazing. Thanks to my mentor Bhushan Shah and the plasma-devel team for always being there and helping me out when in need. And a big thank you to Google for giving us such opportunities and letting me to be a part of this 2016 GSOC.

And as it is very well said :“It’s Never Early, Never Late. It takes a little Patience and Faith but it’s worth to wait.” 🙂

Happy Weekend:)